Blanco White – The Lily

We live in times where lots of the songs we hear on a daily basis are similar one to another or can be easily classified in a specific genre. Josh Edwards – aka Blanco White – is the exception to that and, actually, we can say that he has sort of invented his own genre, based on cinematic-folk infused with Andalusian guitar and influenced by Spain and Latin America. The Lily is the third single to be taken from the Londoner’s forthcoming debut EP The Wind Rose and it is a melancholic ballad highlighted by strings chords and delicate backing vocals (courtesy of Malena Zavala from Oh So Quiet). We love so much Edwards’ genuine way of thinking about music and how he makes us feel his passion through the songs he makes that we really hope he doesn’t change anything in the future.

Blanco White’s debut EP The Wind Rose is due for release on February 5th.