BIRTHH – Chlorine

It’s always cool to hear about a brand new project that hails from Italy, maybe because we really care about our country and we’re genuinely happy if someone comes out of the blue with an interesting track that can be easily enjoyed beyond Italian borders. This is the case of Alice Bisi – aka BIRTHH – and her debut single Chlorine. Think about Romy from The xx who joins Elena Tonra on stage to duet on whatever Daughter’s track and you’ll get the soft electronic paths that tinge Chlorine’s alt-pop melodies.

Alice spoke to the guys over at The Wild Honey Pie who premiered the track“Chlorine is perhaps the darkest song I’ve ever written. I felt like certain thoughts I had in my mind needed to be represented in the most corporeal way I could think of and I liked the idea of intertwining such heavy and raw images with pop layers that gradually build to a climax. Physical pain is something incredibly familiar to the human brain and I felt the need to employ it to portray a more complex kind of suffering, something that is there but that you can’t quite identify”.

Chlorine is the first excerpt to be takend from BIRTHH’s upcoming debut album Born In The Woods, out on March 18th on We Were Never Being Boring.