Benji Lewis – In Time

Australian singer/songwriter Benji Lewis has just dropped his second EP Home For Now, along with its final single, In Time. This project contains haunting and soothing vocals, a deep and atmospheric soundscape seasoned with electronic textures. In Time is a personal journey of the artist, one of those song that strike a chord in the heart for their honesty and simplicity. The main arguments covered by the piece are love and hope, two things which Benji has never had a good relationship though. His style is a perfect mix between downtempo and electronica, with swooping synths and delicate piano chords. I admit I often fall in love with songs like these, but I think everyone can easily reflect in this good track actually.

Talking about his upcoming EP and its inspirations via email Benji said: “The title of the EP came from talking over the changes I was going through; packing my life up and moving from place to place with my friend Mirella. She has always helped and guided me through the years. We talked about moving around a lot and to look at it in a way that no matter where I am, I look at the place I was staying at as home. So wherever I was and continue to move, I would and still do say to myself, “I am home for now, this is home for now” as a way of grounding myself for however long I am in that place.”

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