Yeah, this is one of the more interesting songs to come across my desk in a long while. And before it even starts, it’s over. Jade is the last track of Belgian electro-pop duo BEFFROI, and fortunately it has taken my attention. Basically this song sails between youthful anguish and hopeful dreams, blending different musical genres like synth-pop and electro. Furthermore, the duo formed by Rory and Valentin knows how to be deep and transmit real signals to the listener, and you wouldn’t take long to get overwhelmed by these.

Talking about the song via email, they said: “When Valentin first sent me Jade’s instrumental, I was driving by one of those red-light districts Belgium is famous for. Watching all those lonely souls interacting in hopes of finding instant satisfaction got me inspired. I then came up with those lyrics about this guy feeling numb & empty; desperately seeking answers about love & feeling mechanisms. The only time he finds closure is when he enters the ‘Jade’, but it never last long.”