Bee Mask – The Story Of Keys & Locks (Surgeon remix)

In 1992 there were no techno clubs in Birmingham and people had no faith. During the same year the House of God opened up in the city and, simultaneously, dj Surgeon‘s career moved his first step. It has been a long way for Anthony Child since those days, a path that took him to play at all the most prestigious clubs in the world (Tresor, Berghain, Fabric, just sayin’). Here’s his first work of 2014: a juicy remix of The Story Of Keys & Locks by Bee Mask.

Of course, a minimal Detroit touch was clearly expected here, but there’s more than that. The track sounds very fast, lightly-glittered as if we’re running under a shower on a sunny day. The strong use of loops will probably remind of The Field to new listeners, but we can’t really say that this is a track of the ’00s. And the last two minutes? Well, we have to put a question mark on that.

Listen below.