BATTS – Lie To Me

Melbourne-based artist Tanya Batt, a.k.a. BATTS, has teamed up again with UK producer and longtime collaborator Ficci for her new single Lie To Me, which follows their previous effort Kiki. The track is built around a brooding production made of cinematic beats and trip-hop electronic nuances that aim to frame and highlight the naked, heartfelt singing of the Aussie artist. Lie To Me is the result of a 10-week writing session with Ficci in a converted barn in the north of England; speaking about it, Tanya said: “Lie To Me is a song about longing to be loved by someone you really fell for and them taking advantage of that. I was a young human at the time, I don’t regret any of it because, well, hey, I got a lot of songs out of that experience and here is another one.