Basement Revolver – Tree Trunks

Alternative rock is that kind of genre that’s hard to shake up with new ideas. Everything has been thrown in already and there’s nothing left to conceive. So there’s only one way out from the cauldron of bands that can be enlisted within the genre, which is writing fucking great tunes. Not average, not ok, not even good: great. If possible, fantastic. No doubts that Basement Revolver stand out. The Canadian trio just delivered their second offering from their upcoming sophomore EP Agatha and it’s just beautiful stuff. Slow-burning guitars, fuzzy ’90s vibes and Chrisy’s wonderful voice.. so good!

Speaking on the new single, lead singer Chrisy Hurn said: “Tree trunks was written when I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time, and my increasing need to find a professional who could help me to find better ways to cope. It also tries to mirror how I imagine the environment feels sometimes – and how the environment is tied to many people’s mental health. I was very fortunate to find the help that I needed and I would encourage everyone to go after the mental health resources that are available to them.

The Agatha EP will be released on July 21st via Yellow K Records in the U.S. and fear of missing out records in the U.K. Vinyls can be pre-ordered here.

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