Basement Revolver – Johnny Pt. 2

Canadian alt-rock Basement Revolver have dropped the follow-up single to last year’s debut EP, which was led by singles Johnny and Words. The new track is called Johnny Pt. 2 and it’s once again an amazing piece of alternative rock, blessed by dreamy guitar textures and pounding drums. There’s a sort of shoegaze, ’90s-tinged vibe that reverbs around it, also given by the charming vocal chops delivered by lead singer Chrisy Hurn.

Speaking on the track, she said: “Johnny Pt. 2 was written almost directly after I broke up with “Johnny” – it was the heartbreak caused by an end, the wish that I could have been better, and the desire to continue a friendship. When a friendship wasn’t possible, I wanted them to know that heartbreak or not, I would be there if needed – I would put aside all the things that broke our relationship and the things that gave me identity for a chance at friendship. In hindsight, I have since learned a lot about myself, and that I don’t need to disappear in order to have people that I care about in life.

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