Banoffee – Ripe

Australian native electronic songwriter Martha Brown, a.k.a. Banoffee, has been developing her project since 2013. When her last EP Do I Make You Nervous?, she knew that she needed a bold change to move forward with her music. She then moved to Los Angeles, a change that has strongly influenced her creativity and her approach to music production. “LA sees me as who I am now” she explains “In LA it’s not about exploring how I can be the best female producer, it’s about exploring texture, looking at how to make a song a certain color or feel.”

Ripe is Banoffee’s first single in two years, a hectic yet sparkling synth-pop track which escapes the genre’s constraints thanks to a mix of destructured textures, bright electronic and synths. The song comes together with a statement from Martha, who said:
Banoffee started as a lifeboat, something to hop onto when the real world seemed too dangerous. As the project grew I realised I was no longer stepping onto a lifeboat. I had become the boat and the water. Every aspect of the world I created became an organ that served my machine.This release is the exploration of my new vehicle. I wanted to see through Banoffee, dance as it, smell as it. Humanness became irrelevant and melted into some sort of wonky life form. This record is the joining of two bodies; it’s the soundtrack to a process that began with ‘Ninja’ and is now this latest release. I created a world and it ate me. Sort of. Or I ate it. Working in new places forced me to try new techniques and approaches to writing- ripe came out of that. I wanted to make something that made my tongue itch like when I smell salt and vinegar chips, like grazed knees or sucking lemons. I’m testing my new machine and ‘Ripe’ is my first reaction.

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