Somehow I knew I’d find a track that matched my vibe tonight. This is it. In the midst of chaos I found a gem. Let us remember this moment guys. AUTOBAHN‘s Future is so particular, so different from the stuff I’ve listened before. This song has something hypnotic, something that makes you move and think like a robot and its style is pure chaos. Basically the pot is full of ingredients: Modified vocals, electronic textures, reverberating guitars, psychedelic waves and pulsing drums. If you’re searching for something different and out of the traditional schemes, this song will be your little oasis of madness. Enjoy the song below, moreover be ready for their second album, The Moral Crossing, out on November 3th. 

About the song via email, frontman Craig Johnson said: “The song is about looking forward and supporting one another through darker times. It’s an attempt to be positive. This is probably the closest we’ve got to a pop song, there’s definitely influence from the likes of Human League and Gary Numan in there. I remember trying to work out how to structure this type of song, so we leaned on the Wham! classic Club Tropicana for a leg up.”
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