Astronomyy – The Secret

Our pupil Astronomyy never stops to delight us. The Worcestershire-based 26-years-old songwriter has recently signed a new publishing deal with Sony ATV, and that’s just his first step of this 2016. After last year’s Somethin About U and his personal version of Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes this versatile artist has dropped just yesterday his brand new single: The Secret. The song is produced and written, as usual, by his own Lunar Surf Studio and it’s an overwhelming electropop piece with a marked synth basis and a well-refined pop refrain.

About the track the artist himself has said: “the Secret is set in that exact moment when you find someone you love has chosen someone else over you. It describes the collapse of your mental state, and tries to piece together the puzzle of why he/she is so much better than you”.

Listen below.