Astronauts – Skydive

One of the main reason why absolutely love the Internet is that it’s capable of keeping unbelievable songs hidden for months and then, on a nice day, when you least expect it…SBAM! It slams them through your headphones, not caring about your temporary occupation or your emotional state.

This is, more or less, what happened to us with Dan Carney, frontman of London alt-folkers Dark Captains, who’s now working on his new solo project, Astronauts. We found out about his Soundcloud by surfing the most blogged artists on HypeMachine and we’ve been completely amazed by his tracks.

Skydive – as well as Flame Exchange –  is made up of acoustic guitars, soft strings and electronic beats that chase one each other, resulting in a compelling folk-ride.

Everything’s A System, Everything’s A Sign starts with an I Am Oak-sounding acoustic arpeggio and goes on by overlapping layers. The result is an extremely atmosferic track that moves from classic folk-pop vibes towards an almost slowcore mood that reminds of early Sophia.

Listen below and keep posted for the LP, Hollow Ponds, which will be out on soon via Lo Recordings.