Arkivist – Western Children

Ok, I stumbled on something big this time. This song has impressive vocals, indie-rock textures and glitchy guitars that really deserve your attention. Basically, Western Children plays out as an awesome executed and master class from Portland raised, but now LA-based trio Arkivist. The track open in a way that seems to indicate it’s heading toward a simple rock breakdown. But before we get there, the mood is modified over and over again by pop sounds that morph and shift at every peak.

This work is one of three tracks on their newly-formed SoundCloud, and this is my absolute favourite. Comparisons with bands like Fairchild, Kassassin Street and Local Natives are immediate, so if you like the genre just press play and enjoy it below. 

Check out their website for some information and to check out when they might be playing in your town, because their sound is easily translated to an insanely good live show.