AObeats & Annabel Jones – Strangers

Following up a couple of remixes AObeats did for Annabel Jones, the natural next step must have seemed to jump into a proper collab, which appeared today in the shape of Strangers. Topped by Annabel’s alluring vocals, the song sounds quite distinctive, conveying infectious disco & club vibes built around a sparkling production that puts together organic instruments and glitchy electronic percussions.

Speaking about this collaboration, producer AObeats said: “Having done 2 remixes before for Annabel for Magnetic and IOU in the past, it was awesome to finally have something original between the 2 of us. I feel like Strangers is different than anything else I’ve put out in the sonics of the production and also the vibe of Annabel’s song. I’m also excited because I feel like the song is more representative of the creative direction that I want to move in, pushing towards more collaboration and mixing of amazing songwriting with interesting production. I’ve been holding on to alot of music for the past year and this is just the first of many songs to come.

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