Annabel Jones – Happy

The question about Annabel Jones is only one: “when she gonna make it for real?”. There’s no “if” here, because Jones’ dance-tinged tunes are so sick that won’t allow you you to give up on her. It’s only a matter of time. Her recent single IOU has already achieved a huge success and gained a ton of remixes. With the latest one Happy, she’s basically trying to do the same. It’s the kind of emotional disco-pop that can’t help but make me think of Robyn. Speaking about the state of pop, Annabel Jones said: “You can’t keep putting out meaningless noise and expect culture to grow or evolve. You can’t refuse to put yourself out there and say what you think or feel because you won’t get that Steve Madden shoe collaboration or a perfume at Macy’s.

Jones’ upcoming EP Libelle has been co-produced by Jimmy Tamborello and Andrew Goldstein and will mark her debut for Crooked Paintings/Atlantic Records.