Annabel Allum – Rich Backgrounds

Annabel Allum is a Guildford-based singer/songwriter who is making a name for her impressive live performances. She has just released via Killing Moon Records her new single Rich Backgrounds, a song which fuzzy guitars and hectic vocals emphasize its roots in slacker rock. Think of something halfway between Speedy Ortiz and The Big Moon and you’ll almost get there.

Speaking on the track release, Annabel states: “’Rich Backgrounds’ was the easiest track to write on the EP. It came out in one, which rarely happens for me. It started out as an alcohol-induced jam, it was kind of sarcastic but then I started to find a lot of enjoyment out of playing it. It’s not necessarily ragging on rich people, but more rich attitudes. I wanted to bring those kids back down to earth a bit – yes you may have all the materialistic un-necessities, but do you have all the un-materialistic necessities? Stripped bare, could you survive? Mental demeanour, a slight bitterness and the idea that paper is not truth.