Anna Straker – Late Night Swimming

London-based producer and singer/songwriter Anna Straker debuted last week with a brand new, refreshing single titled Late Night Swimming. Heavily pumped by throbbing synths through a sharp, hypnotic refrain, this track serves as a wonderful introduction to Anna’s talent. Vocals are smooth and fit perfectly into the song’s haziness, emphasizing not only her skills as lyricist and producer, but also her tremendous ability as a singer. After all, she began her career singing backing vocals for Rudimental, John Newman Years & Years and Fono.

Speaking on the track, Anna says: “This song reminds me of a summer evening in London. I completely remade a track I wrote 2 years ago. The original track had a 6/8 time signature and I changed it to 4/4, giving it a whole new vibe. I found this cool synth sound on my King Korg, and I based the whole track around that. I love how dreamy it is, it feels free.