Anna Straker – Ignite Me

Following up last year’s debut EP Serious, London-based artist & producer Anna Straker returns with Ignite Me, a song that mixes retro UK garage vibes with a modern soul production. It sounds like a change of direction compared to Anna’s previous offerings; her powerful and nuanced voice stands over a smooth soundscape built around organic elements and lush electronic, telling a fascinating story in the verses whilst the chorus conveys ’90s-tinged retro feelings.

Speaking on the track, Anna says: “Ignite Me is a little bit different to my other songs, so it’s been really cool to experiment with a more hip-hop influenced sound. The lyrics are about going out to a club and feeling like you don’t belong, everything’s a bit gross and you’re really aware of what’s happening around you. I really enjoyed writing the poetry for the verses, turning the dismal and melancholy aspects of night clubbing into something beautiful.

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