Amelia Payne – The Battle

Are you ready for summer? Warm weather is around the corner, don’t get caught unprepared. Grab a refreshing drink, take a pull of that cocktail, then lay down here and make yourself comfortable. I got something for you. Her name is Amelia Payne, and The Battle is her brand new track, following the impressive debut single Down. An insanely infectious pop song with contagious shuffle beats, repeating melodies and catchy vocals. You’ll find yourself singing along with nonstop since the first listening. A hot song that will drag you up to dance with its captivating energy and freshness to which you won’t be able to resist. About the song, Amelia says: the track’ main message is saying that you’re not going to be taken for granted and you’re “ready for the battle, for the war” to stand up for yourself with whatever the situation brings to you. Check out the streaming below!


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