Amelia Airhorn – Miracle

Miracle is debut track from a very special project: Amelia Airhorn. Before unveiling who’s behind all of this, let’s focus on the music first: this debuts sounds infectious as hell, a good ol’ disco-pop tune that brings my memories back of a decade at least. Probably even more, when French House was the dominating force in the electronic/dance scene. Everyone knows of Daft Punk, but maybe not everyone is aware of the many side and solo projects curated by the duo’s mastermind Thomas Bangalter. Well, this track reminds me of his collab with German producer Dj Falcon as Together, but it also conveys the same vibes of the late Balearic duo Air France. In few words: it sounds great!

Amelia Airhorn draw inspiration from the city of New York, which is called “home” both by The Knocks and Skylar Spence. Yes, the two acts have teamed up together to create this supergroup and celebrate the city where they live and its diversity.

Miracle tells a special story, as The Knock explain: “On a dark, glittering summer night in 1992, a girl named Amelia Airhorn stepped into New York City nightlife and never came out. She’s a living and breathing sample, slipping in and out of the hectic thrill of the city — kicked up high-tempo on flashbulbs and disco balls, easing back into the heartbeat of a crowd dancing in a basement and a couple making their way uptown at dawn.

The track comes together with hand-drawn collage visuals by Ida Chelengar, which you can watch below.

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