Amber Mark – Monsoon (ft. Mia Mark)

Amber Mark made her very first appearance in the new music scene right here, at Going Solo. We premiered her debut single S P A C E, recognising quite early her huge potential (yes, we were first). But her talent was already so obvious that it was just a matter of time before some big music professionists would noticed it; we were no surprised but so happy to see her sophomore single Monsoon premiered by Zane Lowe last week. Happy ’cause the song is probably one of the most touching music moment of the year, a gospel-tinged soul track dedicated to Amber’s mom Mia Mark, released exactly one year after her passing. Starting with the sound of the rain and sparse piano chords, Monsoon is then enriched by some tribal sonorities which follow the path traced with the previous S P A C E. But even if the production is quite notable, Amber Mark’s vocals and lyrics are what really makes the difference here. So sincere, so deep, so beautiful.

Speaking about the track, Amber says: “Monsoon season in India was always a tough time for me because those were the months that I had to spend away from my mom. It felt only right to add in the rain sounds to give it that extra texture. This song is very dear to my heart and being that June 3rd is the anniversary of her passing I had make sure it came out today.