Almunia – Xeni / The Disco That Should Not Be

Tuscany duo Almunia are between those Italian artists who are highly lauded abroad but almost unknown in the motherland. Even for us, who are usually careful not to miss anything, it took a Norwegian girl who lives in Berlin to catch up with these guys. And it happened more than a year after their debut album monopolized the Juno Records chart for weeks!

Anyway, back to present days, we’re here to report that Leo and Gianluca have a new release out on Amsterdam label Silhouette Music. For this one (which is entitled Xeni), they got almost entirely rid of the balearica and psych-dub-disco that characterized previous release Pulsar (2013) and focused strictly on nu-disco. The result, thanks also to an Italo touch that has never been more evident, is still special.

Listen to Xeni and The Disco That Should Not Be here below.