Ali Robertson – Crazy

Following up his well-received debut single Something About Your Love, Ali Robertson has returned with Crazy, a song that outlines the history of a person about to lose his mind. This new track keeps the pace always high, inviting the listener to dance rather than pitying himself.

Speaking to All Things Go, Ali said: “Crazy is a song I’ve had for a while now, a song which has gone through many different shapes and forms. I didn’t want to put it out there until it was right and the best it could possibly be. For years I struggled with it, trying to do it the justice I knew it deserved, until it became the version you hear today.

I wrote the song when I was about 18, at a time when I was involved with a girl who was a bit older than me. I was quite naive and didn’t really know how to handle things, especially in the situation we were in. I just started to lose my mind really. I wrote the chorus one night and the rest of the lyrics just flowed naturally from there.”