Alexx Mack – Whatever I Want

LA-based up-and-coming popstress Alexx Mack has finally dropped the follow-up single to her 2015’s debut EP Like We’re Famous. It’s called Whatever I Want and it’s just pop music at its finest. The track is basically built around the open contrast between the catchy, posh production made of club-ready beats and throbbing bass and the heartfelt vocals of the young singer/songwriter, which express Alexx’s feelings on a major breakout that she experienced last year.

Speaking on the song, Alexx Mack said: “This past year has been filled with so much heartbreak for me. But, from that heartbreak, I’ve been able to be the most honest thus far. The idea behind the collar and leash in the artwork was to convey that no matter how beautiful a love can be, no matter how much you put into it, there is an uncontrollable universal force holding you back from it ever being the right love with someone. The song itself is a narrative for a relationship driven by the desire for something that feels almost forbidden, and in the end, understanding that isn’t in fact a healthy love.