Alex G – Hollow

I have to be honest with you: if Orchid Tapes hadn’t announced a couple of days ago that they were about to release the new Alex G‘s album, probably I would have never heard of him.
In a recent beautiful article, The Fader named Philadelphia-based Alex Giannascoli “the Internet’s Secret Best Songwriter” and it seems that they have gone very close to the truth. Digging through his Bandcamp, we found some real alt-rock gems: Alex G is grunge singer-songwriter who could write eleven (11!!!) releases from his bedroom at age of 21. His songs are deep, catchy and they hit you on an a very emotional level.

Hollow sounds like a lost treasure from mid-90’s and it is the first excerpt taken from Alex G first-ever Lp DSU, which will be released on June 17th through Orchid Tapes.
Courious fact: the album is already waiting for a re-press, ’cause the first run of vinyls is gone sold-out during the first hours of pre-sale. Alex G WAS the internet’s best kept secret, maybe?