Acres Wild – Falling Out Of Love Again

When a friend dares you to do a difficult thing, and you accept the challenge because deep down you know you can do it. Well, It is just what happened to Simen Følstad Nilse, guitarist of Acres Wild that in fifteen minutes managed to write both text and a melody and sent back a demo. Falling out of love again is the outcome of that provocation, as well as the title of the band’s brand new single from the forthcoming Ep Mona. A breezy power pop track that winks at the overseas melodies while remaining attached to the historic post-punk soul of the band. A wild stream of jingle jangle riffs and rhythmic drums patterns on which a catchy and sticky refrain fits great combined perfectly with the simple, romantic lyric about love lost. A good song you’ll listen over and over again. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more album release details. Stay tuned!