ACES – Just Cut It Out

Drug Boulevard is a new dream-pop label based in Istanbul, Turkey, born from the mind of Kubilay Yigit, founder of the another Turkish label, Blue Soho. To introduce itself, Drug Boulevard is releasing a compilation of (almost) the same name, DRUG BBLVD, from which is taken this new track by Brooklyn synth-pop artist ACES called Just Cut It Out. The song is pervaded by a sense of steady fragility, given by the combination of ACES’ dense vocals and a thin production driven by ethereal synths.

The compilation, which will be out on February 17th, features exclusive songs from Leo Kalyan, SRNO, FMLYBND and more. As explained by the press sheet, it can be perceived “as the brief sum of the vision that the label has embraced… while the word ‘drug’ evokes anesthetics and chemical products, what they mean with “drug” is completely different. Metaphorically speaking, much as it is a label that comes up with popular products, the word “drug” represents the “addiction” of the artists, musicians, designers, and everyone else who takes part in the Drug Boulevard collective.

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