ACES – If I Could Be Your Girl

More than a year has passed since we put our eyes and ears on ACES, the sparkling electronic pop project that revolves now around the single figure of Canadian born, Brooklyn based artist Alexandra Stewart. She recently unveiled a new single, If I Could Be Your Girl, that highlights all the cinematic potential of her music. Pounded by sparse beats and ethereal, blurry synth hooks, the song is shaped around Alexandra’s dreamy singing, which enticingly lulls the listeners into the song’s brooding vibe.

Speaking on the track, ACES says: “This is the true ACES getaway track, but today I’m not sure where we’re headed. ‘I Could Be Your Girl’ is about being honest with yourself and realizing when you deserve more. It’s about embracing that change and still wanting to love anyway. I hope it can be a voice for all of us doing some self-reflection right now… the future is female!

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