Aaron Taos – Not Over Yet

Aaron Taos keeps showing consistency through each new release. Song after song, he is building a name out of his music. Not Over Yet is just the latest of a series of great varied singles, such as Off My Mind and These Days. This time, his stunning voice stands out over a carpet made of electronic beats and multi-layered textures, taking a step aside from the indie-rock suggestions of his previous single.

Speaking on the track, Taos states: “For me, not over yet is an almost-breakup song. After being with someone for a while, you eventually ask yourself, ‘Where is this going?’ ‘Are we still good?’ ‘Are we stagnating?’ The song is about wanting to grow as an individual without leaving the person you love. It’s a reflection more than anything else… and that’s a positive thing to me. Even though the relationship is entering a new stage with new questions, it’s not over.

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