DID Tour Diary #3


Andrea (drums): The wide and empty roads of Zurich make me feel completely bewildered. It is only 300 km from Turin but it seems to be so far away. Komplex Klub was the perfect stereotype of a club (red carpet, medium size-stage, lights everywhere, disco-ball in the centre of the room, loud volumes, huge bar). Although the coldness, we spread our energy throughout the show and Zurich audience just spent 30 minutes dancing. It was incredible if you think about the stereotype of Helvetians. After the show, the merchandise was crowded. I don’t know if we were wrong in the conversion of prices from € to CHF or we just appeared like homeless, but lot of people gave us more money than the due, as a tip. God bless Switzerland. So we celebrated with the classic 2 a.m. double-cheeseburgers. Food after shows is like cigarette after sex.



Quirino (guitar): Lausanne is a very pretty city. The only bad thing is that, apparently, everybody (and I really mean everybody) goes to bed at 11.30pm. On a Tuesday night you can’t eat or drink or dance or anything. But, at least, from 8pm you have Les Docks. I love it. Les Docks is one of those clubs where the importance given to the artists comfort is plain, with common and private backstage and the largest stage I have ever seen until now (I had the impression that it was bigger than the parterre). I had a very relaxing time there and the concert was good too, though the public wasn’t really warm (due, maybe, to a very lazy lights engineer). So we just started an after-show party, ended up in the only bar opened in the whole city, danced old songs that nobody else was dancing. Lausanne is pretty, but it can be boring. Thank God DID are never boring to me. Swiss people, please, take some risk. Or at least eat a kebab at 5 in the morning, for once.




Guido (vocals): “The meaning, let’s call it the essence, of a band is when you put a finger in the air from the stage and 50 people raise their finger from the crowd. A band is not what you listen to on an mp3. I consider myself an arrogant guy and with arrogance I tell you that with this tour you have to completely reconsider what this band (DID) is”.
Roman Rappak in a bar somewhere in Strasbourg said that to me.