DID Tour Diary #2

13.2.14 – LANIFICIO 159 – ROME (ITALY)

Quirino (guitar): Rome is a contradiction. Lanificio159 is a co-working space, a dance school, a restaurant, a god-knows-what, and a concert hall. A very fine place surrounded by a strange industrial coat, in the middle of nothing. We earned new Austrian fans that were immersed in an otherwise Italian audience. A random guy threatened to rob and shoot me (from inside his car). We had an after-party in a 1920’s secret speakeasy-cafe in an alley next to the Borromini’s Oratory, followed by an even later after-party in our van eating bread and ‘nduja (a Calabrian sausage). Rome is a contradiction because Italy is a contradiction. The number of nice people I met against the number careless; the absence of our sound engineer, but our best sound; the shitty stage lights yet our strong performance on stage; compliments for the latest album, but more purchases of our first record. It’s fucked up, like Did: I could say we are also a contradiction.

Roma_1 (1)


14.2.14 – COVO – BOLOGNA (ITALY)

Andrea (drums): Bologna is a strange place. It’s our first time at Covo, the historical bolognaise club. The atmosphere was suspended between a traditional drinking hole and a vibrant and energetic event space. The walls of the venue were completely covered with old flyers of all the huge bands that have passed through in the last 15 years (too long of a list to mention but I got very nostalgic). The room didn’t sound so good and it was filled with cool people! I read it on Pitchfork!. Personally, I was hungover after the Rome gig and the crazy after party with Adam, Dan and Grant. Anyway, I felt at home on the stage and I just concentrated on the music, in my own trance like state. The Breton show was incredible. I don’t know how they can manage the different size stages and venues and always find the right way to make a great performance. Their attitude is professional yet versatile, there’s a lot we can learn from them. Chapeau.




Guido (vocals): Lately Milan has given me nothing but good vibes. Maybe it’s because of Expo15, but I feel that this city is really receptive, similar to Turin before the Olympics. I can definitely say we had our best performance of our 3 IT shows here, our sound engineer recovered from measles and joined us again. We’d played 5 shows in 6 days and now it feels like I can play it blind folded, so everything was very natural. I spoke to Adam from Breton at the end of the show, apparently he heard the bass of our song “Skills” from his hotel room. A hotel that is 800 meters, maybe 1km, from the club! Breton also had a massive set. Just before playing their encore Roman came to me asking “how can I say Milano I love you? Should I say Ti Amo?” I replied ”Milano sono innamorato di te”. He came back on stage and said “Milano, ti voglio bene”. His Italian is better than my English…
Next stop Zurich.