DID Tour Diary #1


Andrea (drums): It’s late and everybody is randomly spending time before sleeping in the campervan in the court of the venue. Guido is watching Mastroianni’s movies (keep it real, Guido), the others are chatting and screaming. It’s been a huge day. After spending a day in a lost oil station near Marseille we got into Toulouse. Well, we didn’t visit any church or museum actually, but just highways and factories around it. The venue was something we couldn’t imagine: huge stage, high quality equipment, best dinner ever (a typical Toulouse dish with duck inside, I can’t remeber the name, sorry…). The audience paid a lot of attention to our show and none was distracted by their smartphones (something different from Italian audience…). We had a lot of fun there and Breton confirmed their great talent and friendships. I love you guys. Well, actually, once they left thee venue, Quirino (guitarist) stole all their catering and brought into the campervan. We have now kitkats and beers everywhere. I think I’m gonna eat and drink all night long or maybe we could open a kiosk tomorrow along the way to Montpellier and sell all of this stuff. I don’t now how it could end.



Quirino (guitar): Montpellier seems to be an elegant city, smooth and white streets. We hanged out with Breton, breathing some cozy and chilling air, I felt like home drinking wine and beer in a wine bar, like perfect wild animal got comfortably tamed. The Rockstore is in the center of Montpellier. You wouldn’t tell there’s such a cool place in one of those tiny streets and it makes you wonder what secrets are hiding behind those building. A half-Cadillac on the top of your head welcomes you at the entrance, a cool black and neon room seems to squeeze people to the stage. Great sound too. After some hesitation, at the second concert of this tour I think we’re starting to enjoy ourselves again and enjoy the environment. Also I got to say French public is very attentive and it gets carried away with our show’s crescendo. So, you can understand if I tell that we’re back with giving stickers to everybody, every night is like our birthday. We will have 9 birthdays in 12 days.



11.2.14 – KAO – LYON (FRANCE)

Guido (vocals): I’m from Turin. People from Turin used to call our city the “Paris-from-the-other-side-of-the-Alps”. They also think as Lyon as a “Turin-from-the-other-side-of-the-alps”. So I guess tonight we just played a show in Paris. The Lyon crowd was just incredible, we had maybe one of our best shows ever. My job is to promote live shows back in Turin so i can get some details very well when I come to a venue: tonight it was 400 presale, people was queueing for 3 blocks outside the venue to get in, Breton are fucking big here and I can tell you it is well deserved. We’re heading back to Turin tomorrow for a day-off. 3 italian shows next, we’ll see what happens, but I got the solid idea that tonight was my favourite show so far in this tour and was so good it will be pretty hard to beat.