What we’re listening to while we’re dealing with real life stuff #1

So as you may have noticed, we’re not posting quite often. Mainly because (good) things are happening IRL and we do not have as much time as we would like to dedicate to Going Solo. That’s why we are looking for new contributors to join us (in case you’re interested, read here). But hey, I (Mattia) am still listening to music! So I thought to make a list of new songs and artists I’m digging at the moment. You’ll probably get more lists in the coming days, please bear with us.

Nemi – What You Gonna Do

It takes only a few seconds to recognize the talent of this London based artist, who just debuted with a smooth, fascinating single that blends urban RnB and sparkling electronic. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more from Nemi soon.

Arctic Lake- Living Under You

Arctic Lake are so good and they never miss a beat. This new track is another 10/10 by the London trio.

Priest – White Wing Dove

Long time no see! The Florida songstress has returned with a brilliant synth-pop number, just to remind us of her pop skills. Truly recommended.

Terror Jr- Holding Your Tongue

The LA trio led by Felix Snow and by mysterious vocalist Lisa Terror dropped another sassy tune and I can’t help but love it, pretty much like anything else from them.

FOURS – Overthink / Tell Me In The Morning

I feel like FOURS are not getting the recognition they deserve. They have recently released two excellent new songs, the rousing and retro-tinged Overthink and the powerful ballad Tell Me In The Morning, to which everyone should pay attention. Moreover, Edith Violet has one of THAT voices…

DAGNY- More More More

Yes Dagny, please more more and more of your music. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your freshness.


It’s a brand new project and it’s so fucking great! Kudos to Shaun and Julie, who moved from Scotland to London to put it up.

Radiator Hospital- Pastoral Radio Hit

Love always to Radiator Hospital for all the good cries.