Road to Radar Festival 2014: stream a spacey mixtape by Be Forest

In addition to the free tickets we’re giving away, we asked some of the musicians taking part to Radar Festival to make mixtapes for us. “They’re randomly ordered, I’m not a setlist master” said Nicola Lampredi to us, just a few seconds after passing over the tracks that he collected with his bandmate Costanza Delle Rose. Despite the preconditions, putting everything together was very easy and we didn’t have to change or cut anything: the mixtape that Be Forest compiled for us was already awesome, perfectly representative of a muffled, slow-mo and dreamy atmosphere you can only imagine taking place in outer space.

Be Forest are one of the three Pesaro’s acts (alongside with Brothers In Law and Soviet Soviet) that will support the first Italian gig ever of shoegaze cult band Slowdive, happening next Wednesday in Padua.