Road to Radar Festival 2014: stream a cinematic mixtape by Calibro 35

Radar Festival is coming this week and we got a couple more mixtapes to let you know aboit the bands’ tastes and influences. This on is provided by Calibro 35, one of the most worldwide successful indipendent band from Italy. Although you might not recognize them from their name, you probably already came across their music through one of the many movies, documentaries or screening they have scored. You can easily guess that the 30 minutes mixtape they made us is perfect for every kind of listener. Check it out below. Track by track is provided by the band itself.


The Feed-back – The Feed-back
Pick Ennio Morricone and a bunch of other extraordinary musicians. Put them in a room and just say to “do what you want, after all we’ll publish it as a library…”: this is the result.

Piero Umiliani – La Strada Del Sole
Umiliani is unique. It’s difficult for us to find any track of his discography that’s less than interesting. This one has an excellent winds section and a strut between irony, jazz and funk that’s simply irresistible.

Fatima – Do Better
We haven’t completely understand it yet, but we definitely like this album. It’s made of fresh but classic soul at the same time and on heavy rotation on our iPod this summer.

Mehliana – Just Call Me Nige
We still doubt about this collab between Mehldau and Mark Giuliana. An incredible duo, two monsters. But didn’t we call prog and snubbed stuff like this in the past?

White Noise – Love Without Sound
We inserted this one a Delia Derbyshire’s documentary and we’d like to listen to it again… Maybe in the future someone will say that it’s not true it came from 1969.

Elephant9 – Doodoovoodoo
Another excellent example of progsters, this time from Norway. We do want to see them live.