Guest Mixtape: X Priest X

We asked X Priest X to make a mixtape for us and they put together a pretty gorgeous selection of tracks we love. They also wrote down a nuce description to explane their choices. Check it out below.

Where we live this time of year the weather finally breaks and you can actually go outside again… so this is just a bunch of songs that are good to listen to around this time, maybe sitting outside on your apartment balcony. We wanted this to be an eclectic mix. Of course we are big fans of retro stuff so there are some great 80s bands, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, and OMD are definitely awesome. Bat For Lashes is just amazing, so many good tunes that this could have been all about her, but in the end we decided to just put in this one song ‘Daniel’, which is great. Charli XCX seemed to fit the flow, and ‘nuclear seasons’ is a great song so we threw it in. Interpol is always good and it’s amazing that record ‘antics’ is from 2004. The Enon and Cibu Matto songs are just fun, love everything about the track ‘knock that door’. A big influence on X Priest X’s music (besides 80s era bands) is the late 80s early 90s Manchester scene so we had to throw in a nod to that with The Happy Mondays.  Then back to the retro vibe with a Bear in Heaven track, check out the amazing huge, warm synths…crazy. And then of course M83.  ‘Sugar Water’ takes us out – it’s just so chill – seemed like a fitting way to end the mix.  Anyway, thanks Going Solo for asking us to do this, we had a super fun time putting it together!