Guest Mixtape: Swim Good

I guess you could say I’m relatively new to swimming. For me, these songs represent an accumulated history of missteps seeing as I’m very accident prone and not really driven to be good at it. I remember failing swimming classes as a kid at the local gym. I think the nicest thing my instructor could say was, “Jonathan smiles a lot while sitting at the side of the pool”. Fast forward to today and I realize I do want to be a good swimmer- and not just for the great workout. Swimming is one of the ultimate escapes from the self. As a producer sometimes you tend to get a bit “holed up” working on stuff. Swimming is being at the mercy of something clearly bigger than you. These songs represent an escape to my ideal summer spot- my hometown of Owen Sound, ON Canada on the shores of Georgian Bay (which I really should visit again soon).


We like to think of Swim Good as a soulmate of this blog, not only because his music nods to the legacy left by Air France (please come back), but also because he is completely dedicated to what he does. We asked him to contribute to our Guest Mixtape series and he provided us the final thing, the few lines above and the cover (a real picture from his childhood) in less than 24 hours. Then he thanked us, making us feel very embarrassed (while our ears were shouting for joy).

Swim Good is a cool kid. He recently succeeded in funding his debut EP (via Kickstarter), but he still needs/deserves your support. Meet him through his mixtape, spin his stunning collab with S. Carey & Daniela Andrade a few more times, make a buddy out of him by following his hyperactive Twitter profile. It’s worth it.