Guest Mixtape: IYES

As you might have noticed if you are long-time readers of Going Solo, IYES are definitely one of our favorite rising band. The Brighton-based pop duo have been featured regularly on our blog since ever and, along the way, we started to know better the male half of the pair, Josh Christopher, and to trust his musical taste. So it seemed natural to ask him to make a mixtape for us with the songs that defined IYES’ 2015 and to write down a few words about his choices.

Listen to the mix and read what Josh has to say below. IYES’ new EP, Part Two, is out now on Love By Mistake.

IYES – End of Year Mix by Going Solo on Mixcloud

IYES – Glow – This was our debut single through our label Love by Mistake and through Sony UK too. It was a great moment to finally release something wonderful, and it managed to get onto the Sony Xperia Z3 advert so it was a double-bonus. Awesome start to 2015.

Justin Timberlake – My Love – This was the first song we wanted to do a cover of, so we demoed a demo but then chose to release the EP’s first so we released EP Part 1 and EP Part 2… meanwhile, fell in love with The Weeknd song although we disliked the production, so we re-produced and performed the song the way we would have given we wrote the melody and lyrics.
My Love cover might be released at some point soon… who knows… 😉

Yoshwa – Problem Child – Yoshwa is a 17 year old rapper from the US, who I really feel has the most incredible presence flow-wise. I want to manage him. I want to be his best friend. He is the next Kanye but better.

Jack Garratt – Worry (IYES Remix) – This was our favourite remix of 2015. We love Jack; he’s such a lovely guy and incredibly talented – saw him at a Berlin venue last week and was so great to see how far he has come in the last 2 years.

Deaths – Lonewolves – This is my first band I took on as a manager at Love by Mistake… I like to have plenty of jobs in the music field to keep my mind working. Deaths are a super awesome bunch, originally from Prague but now in Berlin. Igor Bruso, the main songwriter/producer is the next Tchaikovsky… he’s an amazing composer. Very proud to be working with him. He’s also Melis close friend since they were 11 years old, so that was a great introduction.

Fatboy Slim – The Rockafella Skank – This song is the best production ever and if only producers would listen to more Norman Cook and get back to this vibe, we’d have a lot more good music in the charts and we’d have a shit load of better parties in Europe too other than the classic Berghain. This sums up the speed of my 2015 for sure.

Dr. Dre – Xxplosive – I take a lot of inspiration from 00’s beats, especially Dre. Dre was the main guy to really work with samples the good way (apart from Scott Storch and maybe some Timbaland vibes). This song has definitely inspired my 2015 and the way I produce certain things within the IYES music-spectrum!

Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home – … because Drake.

IYES – Simmer (live) – This is our live version of Simmer, my favourite track as a song that we released this year. I think Melis’ performance of this live really sets IYES apart from any other male/female duo. I like to think of IYES as non-gender anyway, but as real songwriters; classic inspirations and decent chord progressions amongst decent melodies.
I hate being bigheaded; but I will because I have more belief in myself and Melis than anyone. We’re a special couple.