Guest Mixtape: Home Alone

I’ve chosen these songs because they help me deal with the transition between winter and spring. Like most people i love spring, but i dislike the summer. I’ve grown to love the long cold winters in Toronto. I feel as if life slows down and there are less anxieties clouding my mind. When Spring arrives i have a sense of loss because i know that summer is around the corner. I feel there are a lot of false expectations and people are stuck trying to achieve some sort of personal climax they can never achieve. I just hide and take it all in.

He’s one of the flagship artists on the Orchid Tapes’ roster and one of the coolest people with whom we exchanged emails lately. He’s a music, internet, bedroom enthusiast. He made one of our favourite records of 2014. Though we’re craving for summer very much more than he does, we would not mind at all to get stuck forever in the mixtape that Home Alone crafted for us. Check it out below.