Guest Mixtape: Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake are definitely one of our favorite bands and their single For Us is #17 on Going Solo’s Top 50 Songs of 2015 list to emphasize how much we believe in their potential. Given that, we are more than happy to have the London-based trio to cook a mixtape for the blog. There you go.

Listen to the mix and read what Emma Foster, Paul Holliman & Andy Richmond have to say below.

Arctic Lake – For Us
Our latest single ‘For Us’ has been a really important track to us as a band, it’s marked the point of us trying something a little different, and trying to fuse our ambient style with something slightly more upbeat. It’s been one of our favourites to play live, as it’s a track that you can put a lot of energy into.

MØ – XXX 88 (ft. Diplo)
We love this track because it’s packed with so many interesting sounds, and has a great vibe to it. The production is great and there’s so much going on that there’s always something to catch your attention. MØ’s music is always edgy and has attitude, and I think this is why it’s one of our choices.

Kevin Garrett – Refuse
As a band, we always appreciate a mix of subtlety and beauty – and this is a track that captures both. The vulnerably of his voice, mixed with the gentle piano in the backdrop has so much appeal to us. We think it’s amazing the way the song builds, with a few more voices coming through in the mix, and a lot more drive from the synths and drums later on, but at the end of the day it still manages to retain that utter simplicity, and purity that we find mesmerising.

Mura Masa – Love for That (ft. Shura)
Shura has always been on our respective listening lists ever since she brought out ‘Touch’ and we think this has the same kind of vibe. The low vocals, and the groove on this track just make it so listenable – Mura Masa and Shura are perfect together. As a band we’ve always been quite open to collaborations, so I think we’d love to do something similar to this later on in our career.

Slow Magic – Hold Still
‘Hold Still’ is such a captivating song, with so many different elements fading in and out to keep your interest. Sonically, this song is brilliant, and there are some sounds within it we’d definitely love to achieve. From the casual chatter in the background during sparse piano parts, to the epic keys outro – this song is definitely one we’ll be taking with us into the New Year.

Osca – Blood
We’ve loved fellow North-West Londoners, Osca, since their debut single, ‘Blood’, and it’s one we’ve never stopped listening to. Their eclectic use of sounds is something we really admire as artists. We were lucky enough to catch their set at Notting Hill Arts Club, a month or two ago, and we have to say they replicated it beautifully! There’s something so simple about the repetition in this song that’ll always put Osca in our good books.

F.K.A Twigs – Figure 8
There’s something so in your face, and aggressive about this track that makes us unable to turn it off. Although we’re suckers for something ambient and quiet, we can’t help but love F.K.A! The experimentation in this song is just unreal, with that distorted vocal line forcing itself to the front of the mix, combined with some truly mental percussion, and some ace synth parts.

Arctic Lake – Limits
We couldn’t do a playlist without including this track – our debut single, ‘Limits’. This track means so much to us, and we’ve said in the past that we consider it as our baby! Because it was our first track, it kind of represents everything we wanted to do as musicians. At it’s core, it’s a very simplistic track, but it has so much meaning to us. We were lucky enough to have this track included on BBC Radio 1’s playlist, which in turn has helped us reach so many people. We were given so much support when we first released ‘Limits’, so we think it’ll always have a place in our hearts.