What should I see at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris?

Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris will start in a couple of weeks and we honestly can’t wait to be there.The entire lineup is amazing and you do not need us to know how cool is to have the chance of seeing Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, St. Vincent, James Blake, Caribou, etc… all at the same venue. Super cool! But none of these was the spring that pushed us to book our flights to Paris. We were more interested in:



The half British/half Russian singer and producer will open the preview night of the festival with her RnB-infused, flesh pop tunes w/ straight, honest songwriting. She made our winter the the sexiest ever and we connected with her feelings through Just Once. Skip your dinner and come to watch the girl blooming.



We placed a bet on them since in February, when they signed to Constellation. We freaked out the first time we heard their deadly combination between post-punk, garage-rock and CYHSY-like attitude. And, at some point, they made us wonder how big their debut album would have been. More Than Any Other Day We’re really curious to hear how it will be offered on stage, discover its live impact and, most of all, to be disrupted by Tim Beeler’s rough vocals. We expect the Montreal’s quartet to set the Parisian’s audience on fire from the very start of Day One.



The punkest side of Captured Tracks roster will definitely shake you up with their short but really intense set. The Syracuse band, who released its debut album Say Yes To Love this year, has an unique approach in making punk songs, thanks to the sharp and evocative lyrics of Meredith Graves (that you need to read in their entirely to properly screaming them out loud). Be prepared, ‘cause they’ll probably also gonna play this Sugarcubes’ cover coming from their split collab with power-pop band Joanna Gruesome.



The London-based producer will be the most awaited guest of the festival’s afterparty, and it’s quite funny that we’re not sure we’ll see him in person. Checking out his Boiler Room’s appearence, you might have noticedan extravagant red haired figure who seems to enjoy mixing the tracks, while reality says that the real producer wass probably in the backstage, chilling and laughing about the fake show on the other side. His set will sure be full of those bubblegum-styled, chirpy songs that are making electro-hipsters mad.



He is the reason why we booked the Festival. We want to see him before he becomes the greatest songwriter on planet heart. Tobias Jesso Jr. came out from nowhere in January, hitting us straight to the heart. The demos he’s releasing are something unbelievable. His primal piano-ballads are so hearfelt that it’s impossible to remain indifferent. Seeing him performing live at La Blogothèque, made us aware that we only know a little portion of his immeasurable skills. Tobias Jesso Jr’s set will be something that we’re going to remember for a long, long time. Get ready to put your heart in the game too.



Listening to Feel Real, the first song thay released, you can really get why the festival’s organizers put this Aussie trio on the same day of Jamie XX. Back then, their electro-mood was filled with balearic tubular bells and almost-rapped lyrics, so it may be easily confused with some outtake of the more famous producer. But it’s listening to Us and the incredible self-titled EP that you can feel the real quality change: they darkened their sound, pitched up the vocals and created a landscape that is nothing but sex and lust in their purest form. The video they released for Ivory cannot be less explicit in order to resemble the atmosphere of the songs. Bravo!