What Should I See At GLIMPS 2015?

When Jarri of Disco Naïveté invited us to join the panel he will moderate next week at Glimps Festival (10-12 December @ Ghent, Belgium) we felt very flattered. Our blog has been online for less than two years and, at the time, DN was one of our main inspirations, alongside with Ben (Sodwee), who is also going to share this experience with us. The panel is called “Meet The Blogs” and will take place on Thursday Dec 10th at the foyer of the Handelsbeurs, from 15:45 to 17:00. So be there, we’d love to meet you in person and chat about the blogosphere. There are also other very interesting conferences at the festival, for which we suggest you visit the dedicated website.

But Glimps is not only about conferences and talk. It’s a music festival and one of its slogans is “Tomorrow’s music now”. 60 emerging acts will animate the city of Ghent for three days, with several venues involved in the showcases. We tried to pick some artists that you should not miss for each day of the festival. Though, Glimps’ offer is ridiculously rich, so we encourage you to plan your own timetable and live the festival experience in full.


Peter Kernel

Thursday, 10 Dec • 21:00 • Trefpunt

Given that they come from a small region in Switzerland which borders on Italy, we saw Peter Kernel playing a thousand of times and we can’t help but saying their show is a crazy show. Aris and Barbara succeeded in finding a way for deconstruct post-punk traditional atmospheres by using mad rhythms, obsessive percussions and screams to make the audience feeling kind of nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. They released their new album Thrill Addict this year and if you missed it you should get back on it asap.



Thursday, 10 Dec • 22:20 • Minnemeersk

Morr Music is an uncontested high quality brand. Berlin-based kiddos Fenster are on their team and their third LP, Emocean – which also stands as a soundtrack to an adventure sci-fi film created by and starring the band – is nuts for lovers of crooked, spacey dream-pop. Very good.


Bill Ryder-Jones

Friday, 11 Dec • 21:10 • St. Jacobskerk

If you’re still in love with some everlasting hit by The Coral you should be aware that their former guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones is still on track with a solo project that resulted in three LPs. His latest offering is called West Kirby County Primary – out this year for Domino – and shows off  Jones’ intimate songwriting skills, by blending acoustic melancholy ballads with garage-pop atmospheres and so very intense, dirty vocals.



Friday, 11 Dec • 23:30 • Handelsbeurs
Saturday, 12 Dec • 21:40 • Minnemeers

Yung are one of the noisiest band around. On and off the studio. We had the pleasure to see them playing in Italy for Beaches Brew Festival and it was one of the best performances of the whole festival. The Danish punk quartet released their debut EP Alter through seminal label Tough Love Records earlier this year. Trust our words: it’s a must-listen.


JP Cooper

Saturday, 12 Dec • 21:50 • Campo

We stumbled across Mancunian singer JP Cooper more than a year ago, when he released his stunning single Satellite. Since then, we never stop to keep our eyes and ears on him, ’cause his unique R&B-tinged voice is something special. This year has been probably the most important of his career: first he released a wonderful EP titled When The Darkness Comes (check out the title track and tell us if you do not have immediately thought of James Blake) and then he lived a true watershed moment lending his voice to SG Lewis’ insanely good single Shivers. Don’t act like a fool and be there: it may be the last time that you have the opportunity to see JP in such a small venue.



Saturday, 12 Dec • 22:10 • Handelsbeurs

Netherlands-via-Iran songstress SEVDALIZA is definitely one of Saturday night’s main attractions. Hailing from a visual arts background, she plays with different looks and personalities in the same way she mixes gloomy trip-hop travels with alluring vocals, avant-garde and icy electronic beats. She’s just dropped her new EP called Children Of Silk and definitely deserved to claim a spot within the artists to watch for 2016. See you there.