What Should I See at Eaux Claires 2016

Eaux Claires is the festival creature of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner from the National. Held in the heart of their homeland Wisconsin, its stunning lineup brings together some of the biggest names around with the best of the buzzing local scene.

So, besides catching Bon Iver’s complete set of previously unreleased music, Shibuya-key pioneer Cornelius playing his just remastered masterpiece “Fantasma” in full, the only live experience scheduled of the Day of the Dead, the electronic geniuses of James Blake and Jon Hopkins, and the Neo Soul priestess Erykah Badu, what should we see at Eaux Claires 2016?

Looking forward to discovering new, exciting acts live on the stage near the river, we got to know a bit more about some of the artists we think we shouldn’t miss with a small survey. We asked:

❏ What shall we expect from your set at Eaux Claires?
♡ Whose other artist’s set are you looking forward to?
♢ What do you have planned for before and after the Festival?

Here are their answers.

Alpha Consumer

❏ Good times.

♡ Cornelius and Mavis Staples.

♢ Eat, sleep, band practice.


Nelson: Risk-Taking, Style, Many Vibes, Music that will MOVE you, and Special Guests(?!?).
Cats: Improvised, free form space jazz. Loud things, quiet things, weird things.
#miguelhurtado: Can’t be totally sure what we’ll come up with that day but guaranteed to be jam packed with vibes.  We’ll experiment with blending musical styles (jazz, hip hop, punk rock, electronic, ethnic vibes..), dynamics, and rhythmic/melodic textures to create a cohesive group improvisation.  Our sound can range from uptempo, percussion driven trance jams to dark, ambient, melody driven spaced out jams.  The focus of the set will be on how we create as a band by bouncing ideas off of each other but there will also be small doses of good old fashion song writing.

Nelson: Erykah Badu, James Blake, Mavis Staples and Bon Iver…as well as seeing and meeting new artists!
Cats: Vince Staples, Jon Hopkins, Sloslylove
#miguelhurtado:  Erykah Badu, Vince Staples, James Blake, Bon Iver.  I don’t know most of the other bands but getting put on to some new music will be a real treat.

Nelson: Right now: writing music and practicing horn. Playing music with friends while I’m in Minneapolis. After the fest: making a couple of new records before the year is through, would like to get back into the studio with these boys.
Cats: I’m writing an original score for a 1929 Russian silent film, The Man with the Movie Camera, and working on a podcast called What If?
#miguelhurtado: We’re looking to record another album and do more collaborative work with our friends who also play music. Our sound has the potential to stretch across a vast musical landscape so we’d like to explore that more.

Tickle Torture

❏ There will be a loads of confetti cannons, gold glitter, Fly Girls-esque dance routines and lots of slap bass. Male and female nudity.

♡ I am beyond excited to see Erykah Badu, I feel like she is one of my spiritual leaders.  Saw her at a casino in San Bernardino recently and it was insanely inspiring. Also looking forward to Cornelius performing his “Fantasma” album in its entirety, as it was a milestone record for me in my formative years and still sounds as fresh as the day it came out!

♢ Getting ready to play some shows in LA and releasing a new single and music video before the festival. Directly afterwards I’m going to visit my dad on his farmhouse in Wisconsin to relax and hang out with the forest and all his cats.

Prinze George

❏ People can expect to hear a combination of older songs from our EP, and new material from our upcoming album.

♡ We are looking forward to lots of acts, but in particular to Beach House, Vince Staples, Mavis Staples and James Blake.

♢ Eaux Claires is happening in the middle of our first headlining tour, so we actually play 1st avenue in Minneapolis two days before the festival and will continue onto Columbus afterwards. We also plan on enjoying ourselves!


❏ You can expect an all hardware set of all my own original music, old songs and new unreleased songs.

♡ I’m trying to catch everyone, but really trying to see Cornelius, Senyawa, Vince Staples, Bon Iver, Catsax, Erykah Badu, and Shabazz Palaces.

♢ I’ve been playing shows and making music. After the festival, I’ll probably be doing the same thing, maybe try and hit Europe. We’ll see what happens, I’m just out here.

Phil Cook

❏ Looking forward to returning to the festival this year and going deeper with some of the themes we unveiled last year.

♡ I am greatly looking forward to seeing what my friend Justin Vernon is putting together.

♢ I am from the area so I hope to spend time with extended family when I’m not rehearsing or performing. After the festival I do some EU fests followed by a short run of shows with Daniel Norgren as well as The Blind Boys of Alabama. Then back home to spend time with my family.

Kill The Vultures

Crescent Moon: You can expect most of our material to be drawn from our latest release, “Carnelian,” which is a multi-layered, operatic piece told from a broken man’s psyche as he is transitioning from one realm to another. Musically, the vocals are rooted in traditional rap/spoken word while the instrumentation drifts outside the genre often with screeching horns, poly-rhythmic percussion, and string sections. The goal for our live shows is to not only recreate the recorded music, but to conjure the spirit that was present during the making of each track.
Anatomy: Our performance is a trip through a dream-state with equal parts ecstasy and pain.

Crescent Moon – There are many artists I would like to see perform, but especially Vince Staples, Erykah Badu, James Blake, Beach House, Alpha Consumer, Shabazz Palaces, Melvins, Bon Iver, Fog…Pretty much anyone I’ve heard of. Definitely wanna check out a bunch of new acts, too.
Anatomy: Vince Staples, Beach House and Fog

Crescent Moon: We’re working on new songs, so I plan to keep grinding on those before and after the festival.
Anatomy: In addition to new songs we have some exciting concert announcements coming soon. Also working on a video and collaborations with our crew, which is named F-I-X.