The Week In Videos (07/21 – 07/27)

TEEN – Tied Up, Tied Down / DZ Deathrays – Less Out Of Sync

The violence of youth and the ultra-violence of summer may be the trending topics of this week in videos. In its clip for TEEN’s Tied Up, Tied Down (part of a new album that’s coming through Carpack), director Jordan Michael Blake explores the subject in a very romantic way, through teenagers killing time at the beach, kissing each other, doing some boxing, spitting blood. It’s a sort of a tribute to Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, we guess, and a really good one indeed. Conversely, Australian duo DZ Deathrays takes the matter to a supernatural level (and far away from summer, actually), one where kids have plenty of ghoulish rage and don’t like birthdays very much. Watch the video for Less Out Of Sync in full-screen mode: great things will happen to your monitor.


Tellesen – Stike Silver, Love Green

When colourful patterns (well, incredibly beatiful patterns) are enough to enhance a track’s mood. Which, in this particular case, is a very relaxing, mesmerizing one. Here’s the perfect view to calm you down if you paid attention to the couple of videos above.


Banoffee – Got It

We won’t be surprised if Google will claim this one for a future Google Glass TV commercial.


Movement – Ivory (NSFW)

After all this Sidney trio is mostly sex. Mindblowing sex.