The Week In Videos (06/30 – 07/06)

How To Dress Well – Childhood Faith In Love

Back to the regular format of this column and back exactly where we left in every sense. The Johannes Greve Muskat-directed video trilogy in support of the release of What Is This Heart? – the new album by How To Dress Well – is now completed. Spoiler: it ends with multiple “awws”.


Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

The new video by the Brooklyn indie-pop trio is absolutely perfect, sugary but weirdly sinister, just like the song itself. Anyway, director Lara Gallagher explains it much better that anyone else can do: When I first heard the song, I was struck by how specific it was—missing someone’s BONES. Not their hair or their smell or how much fun they are to be around, but their bones. Beyond my initial brainstorms involving dancing old ladies and milk, I thought about my favorite age group (girls in junior high) and just how weird and specific obsession at this age can be. It also got me thinking about how intangible and digital things have become, and how you can miss someone even if you technically can see them all the time. In this scenario, I think missing someone’s bones—the things that make them real and standing before you as opposed to on the internet or in your email—makes total sense.

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls



Eleventeen Eston – Two Stroke Vertical Climb / Pawws – Sugar

We reiterate: VHS-styled videos are the best videos. Not Not Fun signee Eleventeen Eston supports our thesis with the most chill visuals you can watch this week, London’s Lucy Taylor (aka. Pawws) does the same with the addition of overlaps, fades, pink reflections and that kaleidoscopic space glow that screams “80s 4ever” more than anything else. Bonus history lesson: Italians invented this montage technique. Pooh invented it.