The Week In Videos (05/19 – 05/25)

Mac DeMarco – Passing Out Pieces

Though we have not fallen for Salad Days as much as we felt for 2 back in 2012, the Mac who stars in the video for Passing Out Pieces is the Mac we love the most: extremely low-budgetary in aestetics and goofy as hell. Also, I always envied people who can fully control their bellies and fake pregnancy. It’s one of the best talents, really.


The Knife – Without You My Life Would Be Boring

Speaking of weirdos, here comes the Bitte Andersson-directed clip for the ‘shaken-up version’ of The Knife’s Without You My Life Would Be Boring. It’s the most ingenious, engaging, funny thing you can watch this week.


Naomi Pilgrim – House Of Dreams

Apparently set in Dragonball Z’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


Gazelle Twin – Anti Body

Fans of Planningtorock and horror movies will scream for this.


Glass Animals – Pools

Dulcis in fundo, to get you out of the #dark, here’s the claymation masterpiece that’s the Rafael Bonilla directed video for Glass Animals’ Pools. We really feel sorry for US viewers who, apparently, can’t enjoy this without using a proxy. Get a proxy!