The Week In Videos (04/14 – 04/20)

Ought – The Weather Song

The week of Record Store Day and Easter has been a relatively quiet one in terms of music videos, though it had its moment. Take for example the new one from Montreal’s Ought: it’s that kind of demented footage that we learnt to love since Mac DeMarco’s She’s Really All I Need, with the artist going crazy in front of green-screened random backgrounds. It’s an engaging one, really, just like the song with which is paired.


Throwing Shade – Sweet Tooth

Director Rachel Noble nailed the saccharine and provocative feel that runs through Throwing Shade’s Sweet Tooth, by putting an array of men in front of the camera and condemning them to suffer streams of ice-cream, chocolate and honey on their heads. We find it gross, but, still, we can’t stop watching.


Alice Boman – What

You know, Scandinavia, epic landscapes, the pleasure of solitude. Pair the video for Alice Boman’s new single What (available now through Adrian Recordings) with the one for Boat Club’s Warmer Climes to maximize the experience.


Laurel – Nicotene Dreams

As a result of a collaboration with Hunger TV’s creative director Vicky Lawton, this is a fantastic video that confirms the young singer as a highly-glamourous beauty with a tormented soul. There are plenty of discussions going on through the web, with someone picking Fe instead of her, but when it come to naming the next Lana Del Rey we still bet on Laurel.