The Week In Videos (04/07 – 04/13)

Todd Terje – Leisure Suit Preben

You might have noticed that we skipped an episode of this weekly column: that’s because ALL MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS WERE LAWYERS, SO I BECAME A LAWYER TOO (cc: disco naiveté, NFOP). I got my law degree on Wednesday, let’s party! The new video from Todd Terje is awesome.


No Coda – Heretic

We find the new video by our currently favourite rock band from Sweden absolutely sweet, mostly because it managed to get Canadian duo PS I Love You back to our mind, although not boxed in a Joy Division quote but projected in outer (psychedelic) space. You’ll love this too.


Trust – Capitol

Staying among stars and cosmos, come the new video from Trust, a one that, once again, gives us the opportunity of discuss the use of Greco-Roman sculptural aestetics in modern music. According to Robert Alfons and director Will Joines, we’ve reached the maximum point of obsession about that.


The Body – At the Mercy Of It All / Ejecta – Eleanor Lye 

Here’s the intense pair of the week. The Jason Evans-directed short film w/ music from The Body’s new record I Shall Die Here (out now on RVNG intl.), quoting the guys at Ad Hoc (who just celebrated their two-year anniversary), “centers around the struggles of a man in a cabin who struggles to hold on to his humanity in the midst of a brutal winter”. The new video from Ejecta, on the other hand, it’s not only incredibly beautiful (and could not be otherwise, since it is directed by Allie Avital Tsypin), but also sees Leanne Macomber providing a stellar acting performance, ending up by exceeding humanity: she’s more than a woman here; she’s a moth.