The Week In Videos (03/24 – 03/30)

Fear Of Men – Luna

This week, Jessica Weiss made us a mixtape, but she also played the part of Marina Abramovic, taking Fear Of Men’s classical, philosophical aesthetics to the next level. The many bands that have followed the path they’ve opened (we can recall at least three 2013’s album covers involving Greco-Roman sculptures) can only bow down and gasp in front of the video for Luna. It’s an intense one, really.


Labyrinth Ear – Urchin

The London-based duo that crafted one of our favourite songs of 2012 has recently started to share snippets from their long awaited debut LP, which is entitled The Orchid Room and is out on April 14th. The latest of those comes accompanied by a Sébastien Rippon-directed video that is about “a young girl who, days after her death, comes back to places she used to know, looking for her precious memories”. Add that it’s set in a cold, spectral Paris and you’ll get why this clip is not only moving, but also truly stunning. Highly recommended.


Night Flowers – Bound

Everything about this video – which was shot in Norway and directed by award-winning film maker Ryan Haysom – is perfect. Song is fantastic tho.


Haunted Hearts – Johnny Jupiter

The new video from the new project by Dee Dee (of Dum Dum Girls) and husband Brandon Welchez (of Crocodiles) is all about the aesthetics that Jhonny (not Jupited, but Jewel) chose for his own label, Italians Do It Better. Then, it is, in some way, about the aesthetics of a whole generation (if the Drive-generation is actually a thing). Cool stuff really.


Chvrches – Strong Hand

THIS VIDEO DANCES GUYS and we totally understand why Chvrches declared it “maybe the best thing ever”. You may point out that a glitchy 80s aerobic/workout footage over synth-pop music is definitely not the most original of things, but, really, pay attention at how killer is the timing here: this clip deserves all the praise it’s getting. So, if you found a way to stop watching it over and over again, then feel free to use our submission form to let us know. Because, apparently, we can’t.