The Week In Videos (03/17 – 03/23)

Broods – Bridges

We’ve been obsessed with Broods since their debut single, so we’re glad that Bridges has finally received the deserved visual treatment. And, of course, the Kiwi duo nailed it again, keeping the video simple (as it was supposed to be and) as love is (at least in its early stages). Directed by Jeppe Kolstrup, the film is, indeed, played by a couple of young lovers and shoot through the pale tones of  the realist Scandinavia of which we fell for long time ago: it may appear bleak at times, yet it still looks dreamy to us.


Flume – Space Cadet (ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut) + Route 8 – I Can’t

Here’s the pair of definitive animated videos released this week. The one for Space Cadet re-interprets “SpongeBob-style” the visuals that Flying Lotus provided, back in 2012, to his Captain Murphy side project, while the one from Lobster Theremin-signee Route 8 recalls Otto Messner’s famous cartoon character from the 1920’s silent-film era Felix The Cat. Both are trippy and disturbing in their own ways. Both are definitely worth watching.


Yohuna – Creep Date

The video for Yohuna’s Creep Date is actually… creepy. The Wisconsin-native Berlin-based songstress, who recently cuddled and warmed us with her contribution to the latest Orchid Tapes’ stellar bedroom pop compilation, provides this time an incredible, ultra-expressive acting performance, giving her doppelgangers (she has doppelgangers in this clip) that Jack Nicholson’s devilish look we all know. The video’s finale will also make you cringe like the best Japanese horror movie you ever watched. Bravo!


Arca & Jesse Kanda – TRAUMA Scene 1

This isn’t properly a music video (though music is Knot from &&&&&), but a scene from the ongoing film project by Jesse Kanda and Arca first exhibited at MOMA PS1 at the end of 2013. A YouTube commentator succeeded in describing it better than we would have never been able to do, saying that it’s like Stephen Gammell animated the dancing baby it features. And yes, that means that this is weird, creepy and disturbing too. But you should know us by now, so… enjoy.